Kid Cudi storms off stage during headline Rolling Loud appearance
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Kid Cudi storms off stage during headline Rolling Loud appearance

Having only recently been confirmed as the replacement headliner for Rolling Loud, following Kanye West’s departure only a week ago, Kid Cudi left the stage after being hit by missiles thrown from the crowd, ending Friday’s evening early.

This episode was compounded when Kanye West actually turned up to the event as a guest of Lil Durk. It may have angered fans, as they threw plastic water bottles at Kid Cudi midway through his set, littering the stage. It was enough to enrage the performer, and he cut his performance short.

Cudi was reportedly hit in the face by one of the bottles and he started to threaten the audience that he would leave the stage if more bottle were thrown. He was caught on social media screaming: “I will fucking leave. If I get hit with one more fucking thing — if I see one more fucking thing on this fucking stage, I’m leaving,” he says. “Don’t fuck with me.”

Almost instantly, another bottle sails through the air and lands on the stage. As Vudi walked off stage, chants of “Kanye West” could be heard rippling through the audience as disdain grew.

When Kanye West decided to vacate his spot headlining the festival, fans cried out for a replacement worthy of West’s legacy. All fingers seemed to point toward Travis Scott. However, the festival moved for Kid Cudi, a vocal dissenter of West. To make an appearance with Lil Durk at the same festival seems to have been a deliberate move.

Watch it all go down below.