Kid Cudi refused to watch Jordan Peele movie ‘Get Out’
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Kid Cudi refused to watch Jordan Peele movie ‘Get Out’

‘Day N Nite’ rapper Kid Cudi has been one of alternative hip-hop’s biggest success stories since N.E.R.D. came out in the early-2000s. However, akin to his Kids Sees Ghosts counterpart, Kanye West, Cudi has his irrational moments, and in a recent Q&A with some fans on Twitter, he revealed why he refuses to watch the film Get Out.

Cudi has had his fair share of debates on social media over the years and has held on to his negative sentiments about particular individuals for many years. As such, the Man On The Moon musician appears a bit of a grudge-holder. Cudi (real name Scott Mescudi) has long been interested in television, and prior to the release of his animated series Entergalactic in 2022, the artist was attempting to land roles in films.

Mescudi has appeared in several shows and movies, including the film Don’t Look Up, as well as the hit HBO show Westworld. However, in his recent Q&A with fans, the lyricist revealed that he was in talks with the director of Get Out, Jordan Peele, before the movie’s creation.  

As the Q&A delved into his acting career, one fan asked Cudi, “What’s one film role that you wished you were cast in?” In a frank manner, Mescudi stated, “I wish I got Get Out.” He continued, “I auditioned, and Jordan was impressed, and I thought I ate that sh*t up.” However, Peele ended up casting British actor Daniel Kaluuya.

Mescudi even admitted to holding a grudge against Peele, continuing, “I was so salty I didn’t get it that I didn’t even go see it in the theatre when it was poppin’. I watched it a year later at home, pissed about that.”

However, after watching it at home, Cudi ended up accepting that Kaluuya was the perfect fit for the lead and tweeted, “I was sick haha, but to be real, Daniel was the best choice. He’s a master and did a phenomenal job.”

Although Cudi ended up accepting Kaluuya as an exceptional lead following the film’s release, Samuel L Jackson stirred up a lot of controversy by insisting that an African-American would have played the role better than Kaluuya. You can see Cudi’s tweet below.