Kid Cudi confirms new collaboration with Young Thug
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Kid Cudi confirms new collaboration with Young Thug

Kid Cudi has revealed that he has recently been in the studio working on new material with Young Thug. The tracks are also apparently on the way very soon, with the news serving as an early Christmas present for many fans. 

In a string of promotional tweets for his forthcoming ninth album, Kid Cudi said that one of the collaborative tracks will feature on the album while another will be released at Young Thug’s discretion at some unknown point in the future.

Teasing the joint efforts, he revealed: “[sic] I got 2 songs w Thug I did last year. 1 of them goin on the new album the other he’ll use. These songs are fuckin INSANE. Im tellin u. U have no idea.”

This prompted further collaboration hints with Kenny Hoopla reaching out to request: “Let’s make some beautiful shit cudder!” Whether anything will come of that remains to be seen, but Kid Cudi certainly doesn’t shy away from sharing the spotlight with his peers. 

However, the rapper has also stated that he is “nearing the end” of his music career and might give up on a life of fame for the quieter climes of being a teacher. Before then, we definitely have a new album and animated film on the way. 

As of yet, no release date has been confirmed for the record but Kid Cudi seems to think it will be on the ay soon and that he is still hard at work on it.