Kid Cudi says new record is the“album of the year”
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Kid Cudi says new record is the“album of the year”

Shortly after announcing his retirement, Kid Cudi has revealed plans for his final album – and boy is he excited about it. The rapper rose to prominence following the release of his 2007 hit ‘Day N’ Nite’. Now, he’s calling it a day. But not before releasing his farewell album.

Slated for release on June 1st, Cudi’s final project is titled Powerful. Taking to Instagram to share the news, the Ohio rapper hyped the album, saying: “y’all are going to fuck with this shit in such a major way and I’m so fucking excited.”

Though Cudi is obliged to release this final album due to the nature of his contract with Republic Records, he says it was made with heart and soul. “I’ve never made a project this powerful before in my life,” he said. “Sitting, listening to these mixes, I just know that this shit is going to move you.”

He continued: “I just wanted to get on here and just let y’all know that I’m not gonna let y’all down. This is gonna be the album of the year right now, I’m not playing. This is not a fucking joke. Tell everybody you fucking know, ok?”

The Mr. Rager creator also took to Twitter to drop more hints about his upcoming work. “Im directing the video for my first single. Shits gonna get wild,” he revealed, explaining that he’s involved in an array of other projects in 2023. “I also booked a really cool tv gig that im thoroughly excited about. Very big deal to me,” he said. “The blessings are overflowin. News about that soon.” In a separate tweet, he added: “some movies comin this year as well. Think about 3.”

Cudi’s future screen work means his studio career will likely take a backseat, giving the new father-of-one more time to spend with his daughter.