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Kendrick is releasing a re-issue ‘Good Kid, M.A.A.D City’

Kendrick Lamar is considered one of the new school greats. Since his emergence on the Compton underground hip hop scene in the early 2010s, Lamar has been consistently releasing quality hip hop. He is often labelled as the saviour of the new school among a generation of mumble rappers, and since he arrived, Lamar has worked with all the greats in the business, known as a skilled lyricist.

In 2012, Lamar released his critically acclaimed album Good Kid, M.A.A.D City, and in celebration of its ten-year anniversary, Lamar has announced that he will be releasing a 2022 re-issue. This fresh re-issue boasts brand new artwork, which is minimalistic compared to the original.

Not just digital, Lamar has made sure that this celebratory re-issue is available physically, with physical copies to be shipped out on October 21st, only one day prior to the album’s 2012 release date of October 22nd. 

The album will be available across several formats and will even be released on cassette tape. The re-issue album will be available on CD, a matte grey-coloured cassette tape, and even on what has been dubbed a translucent black-ice vinyl edition. The vinyl is also available to pre-order with the original artwork. 

The 2012 edition of the album had two different covers. One showed a picture of Lamar and his family as a child. This was the standard edition. However, the deluxe edition of the 2012 release boasted a polaroid of a black people carrier.

The 2022 re-issue has isolated the people carrier and placed it on a much darker, black background as opposed to the original, which saw it on the street, with a blue sky and California houses in the background. The deluxe edition of the 2012 release contained three bonus tracks. However, Lamar is not looking to include any bonus tracks on this re-issue.

You can view the new album art and vinyl below.