Kanye West’s shelved TV show leaks online
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Kanye West’s shelved TV show leaks online

Kanye West’s 2007 scrapped TV show has recently leaked online. The Chicago entrepreneur, designer and producer shot a pilot episode over a decade ago. However, it has only surfaced now. The television project that West pitched to HBO was titled A Little Inappropriate and featured Kanye, designer Don C, rapper GLC, Jeff Garlin, and comedians like JB Smoove and Wyatt Cenac.

The video was going to get wiped out of existence. However, avid Kanye fans salvaged the 30-minute pilot episode, which is now making the rounds over the internet. Several media outlets have reported that the show West pitched was designed to be a hybrid between Curb Your Enthusiasm and Entourage. However, the ‘Monster’ emcee failed to execute the production of an engaging programme.

In a 2013 interview with Vulture, comedian Wyatt Cenac explained why the show failed, disclosing, “Kanye knew he wasn’t a good improviser. He’d read something that Seinfeld said about surrounding himself with better talent and that he would rise to the occasion. And so that was his hope.” 

The leaked pilot focuses on West attending a chaotic CD signing while getting annoyed and frustrated with his own belligerent entourage and team. It also depicts the producer participating in charity work by visiting a sick teen for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Unfortunately, the icon makes light of it by worrying about having bad breath before the engagement.

However, as West attempts to leave in his Bathing Ape jacket, he realises that the patient at the Make-A-Wish Foundation isn’t actually terminally ill and thinks he’s a better rapper than Ye. In his 2013 interview with Vulture, Wyatt Cenac explained that HBO was highly unsatisfied with the project as it didn’t contain enough footage of West. 

According to Cenac, “HBO was like, ‘We didn’t pay for a show with these no-name motherfuckers. Find a way to put some Kanye in this!’” Kanye has been known for his desire to enter Hollywood, however, it seems as if, in the long term, it was fashion that was his true calling, as West never made a daytime TV programme. However, he has produced a Netflix documentary, Jeen-Yuhs: A Kanye Trilogy.

The pilot was leaked by YouTube user ‘gearashi’, who found it on the Vimeo account of the esteemed writer and director Larry Charles, who has contributed to film and television shows such as Borat and Seinfeld. You can watch the pilot in the video below.