Kanye West takes a trip in the sky in new music video for ’24’
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Kanye West takes a trip in the sky in new music video for '24’

Kanye West has taken a trip to the sky during the music video for his brand new single, ’24’.

The track appeared on his eighth studio album, Donda. After months of delays, the LP was finally released in August as Kanye tinkered with the record tirelessly before eventually sharing it with the world. It’s been an atypical way to roll out an album, but when has Ye ever followed the conventional route?

’24’ is the latest track to be elected as a single from the album and arrives along with a Nick Knight directed video. The visuals start with clips from West’s second listening party in Atlanta and follow him travelling into the stadium’s ceiling, where he’d fly into the clouds.

Hip Hop Hero’s review of the album noted: “For the amount of hype, controversy, and intrigue that followed Donda, its release parties, and its multiple delayed release dates, the last thing you can say is that Kanye doesn’t deliver. Donda is everything you could possibly have imagined and more.

“It’s frustrating, repetitive, and unwieldy, but also fascinating, insightful, and highly enjoyable. There are occasional good-time jams, but the album mostly sounds like Kanye helming a ship that could crash at any moment.”

Check out the video for ’24’ below.