Kanye West sued by Phantom Labs for $7 million
(Credit: Spotify)


Kanye West sued by Phantom Labs for $7 million

Rapper Kanye West is being sued by yet another party. In what has been a tumultuous year for the Donda mastermind in the legal sense, it has just got that little bit worse.

As discovered by TMZin May, the production company Phantom Labs sued Kanye for over $7 million in unpaid services. Allegedly, the company worked with West to produce a series of events over 18 months. This included Sunday Services, the Donda 2 listening event in Miami, and the Free Larry Hoover Concert with Drake in Los Angeles, as well as being set to work with West at Coachella in April before he cancelled his appearance. 

Phantom Labs’ attorney, Howard King, claims payments flowed until late February, which was when West’s bill reach over $6 million. Reportedly, the company was also positioned to secure another $1.1 million in cancellation fees after his decision to pull out of the Coachella performance, bringing the total owed to around $7.1 million. 

It is also claimed that West had agreed to use the majority of his $8 million payment from the Coachella performance to cover the production costs, however, when he pulled out, Phantom Labs were left to foot the bill. Therefore, the production company is suing Kanye for a breach of contract. 

In July, Kanye was sued by a clothing rental service, David Casavant Archive, for $400,000 after it was claimed that he had rented a variety of garments for a shoot in March 2020, but had not returned over a dozen of them. 

The company filed the suit, maintaining that Kanye West owes them over $400,000 with $221,000 accumulated fees on top of this. Interestingly, David Casavant Archive alleges that payments for West stopped in October 2020, even though some of their items were kept. They’ve been in business with the rapper since 2014, and this is the first problem they’ve had with him.