Kanye West slams Machine Gun Kelly in newest Instagram rant
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Kanye West slams Machine Gun Kelly in newest Instagram rant

Kanye West’s war with Pete Davidson has seen Machine Gun Kelly embroiled in their beef.

The SNL star has no online presence, and Ye has been engaging in a one-sided battle with the comedian. Over five hours yesterday, West shared 15 posts about Davidson, who he referred to as ‘Skete’.

Kanye accused the comic of being Hilary Clinton’s ex and even burned bridges with his Kids See Ghosts collaborator Kid Cudi over the latter’s friendship with Davidson.

“I’m very community oriented,” West said in one of the posts. “I love my friends I love my family the reason I asked Cudi to at least speak to Skete is because for years Cudi always made it seem like it was me and him against everyone now that I’m fighting for my family he not by my side this is bigger than music.”

Ye also shared a series of photoshopped posters, including for Venom: Let There Be Carnage which he superimposed their faces over and renamed i5 as ‘Fight Night: West Versus Davidson’.

He then brought MGK into things and said: “This aint about Skete people it’s about selling yall a narrative Skete just playing his part in Frozen 3 accept its not in the theaters this time its on Dailey Mail tell Bob and the entire Disney staff you waisted your money on StarWars and Marvel because even though it makes money you will never control the highschools no ones ever heard a Machine Gun Kelly song Bob.”

The series of posts have now been deleted, but you can see a screenshot below.