Kanye West shares ‘Hurricane’ first single from ‘Donda’ featuring The Weeknd and Lil Baby
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Kanye West shares 'Hurricane' first single from 'Donda' featuring The Weeknd and Lil Baby

The wait for Kanye West’s latest album Donda looks set to rumble on for a few days more, but now we have the first taste of the album with its first single, ‘Hurricane’. The track is a potent reminder of why the new album will be worth the wait, featuring The Weeknd and Lil Baby.

The news of a single being released from an album usually doesn’t have the chance to break the internet, but this is no ordinary single from no ordinary album. Having been given two release parties, Donda from Kanye West has to be one of the most highly-anticipated albums of all time.

The record’s mystique is seemingly peaking before it has even been released as, with every flicker of movement from Ye’s camp, the clamour for more and more of the LP grows. Now, we have the first real taste of the record, track number two, ‘Hurricane’.

Feeling futuristic and spiritual at the same time, it may surprise some fans to realise that this track has actually been floating around the internet for some months. However, now the single lands completely polished and gleaming like a jewel in Ye’s crown.

While the wait for Kanye’s album will continue, the first song released suggests it could rank among Ye’s greatest. Not only is the production as clean and pristine as one would hope from a project that has been called “lightyears” ahead of everybody else, but the two features are superb choices.

We needn’t go on about The Weeknd’s uniquely positioned vocals, but Lil Baby’s star continues to rise as his verse doesn’t miss a single chance to confirm the rapper as a new hip hop hero.

Listen below to Kanye West’s new single ‘Hurricane’ featuring The Weeknd and Lil Baby.