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Kanye West revealed as suspect in criminal battery case

Kanye West has been named a suspect in a criminal battery case by the Los Angeles Police Department.

The incident allegedly took place at around 3am on Thursday outside of the exclusive members-only club, Soho Warehouse, situated in downtown Los Angeles. Fox 11 states that the rapper struck the fan following an argument.

“A fan says he saw Kanye sitting in his car and walked up to the window to ask him for an autograph,” their journalist Gigi Graciette told viewers.

“Words were exchanged – what those words are, well, that’s all part of the police investigation – but the fan told officers that Kanye jumped out of his car, called him some … words not suitable for television, and then punched him, knocking him to the ground.”

The reporter also revealed police are currently investigating West, and it is viewed as a misdemeanour battery case. The charge could see West face a jail sentence of six months. However, it remains unknown whether he’ll be formally charged.

TMZ later posted footage of the alleged incident where Ye appears to shout, “Did y’all say that or not? Because that’s what happening right fucking now.”

West is yet to comment on the allegations.