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Kanye West is planning a selection of ‘Donda’ tech products

Kanye West is allegedly planning a selection of tech products related to his tenth studio album, Donda.

West has already shared an item called the ‘Stem Player’, which will cost $200 for fans to purchase. The device lets users “customise any song”, which, in effect, allows them to “control vocals, drums, bass, and samples,” and also “isolate parts” to add effects or “split any song into stems”.

Now, documents discovered by TMZ show that Yeezy is planning on creating a range of Donda related “tablet computers, surround sound systems, smartwatches, smart glasses, wearable activity trackers, protective flip covers for tablets, and earphones”.

Furthermore, West’s company, Mascotte Holdings, Inc., have filed trademarks for a range of homeware products. The application suggests that the rapper wants to make his own blanket brand, which is a surprising move even for the unpredictable Ye.

Additionally, Nikolai Skrobat, a sound engineer for West, tweeted, “This album is not finished yet. That is, it came out, but it is quite possible that after some time we will hear a different sound, options, themes, films.”

He continued: “Now Donda is out, and I’m working on his old tracks, because West wanted to go through all the archive and make a playlist of forgotten tracks. There are a lot of them. Therefore, in the near future, I will work in this direction.”