Kanye West has finally released new album ‘Donda’
(Credit: Alamy)


Kanye West has finally released new album 'Donda'

The promotion of Kanye West’s new album Donda has been extravagant even by Ye’s standards. Three listening parties, some outrageously creative sets, some questionable guests and millions of dollars in the rapper’s bank account.

The listening parties were an intimate introduction to West’s new album, one that just so happened to top all of Apple’s livestream charts. It even featured Kim Kardashian in a Balenciaga wedding dress. Now, it’s finally arrived, there is only one thing left for the fans to do — listen to the damn thing.

A 27-track epic, the record stretches out to match the same intensity we witnessed during the livestreams. With nearly two hours of futuristic production and heavy beats, this will be the perfect listening for any fan.

The album isn’t so much a collection of songs but a sonic insight into one of the most expressive minds of his generation. Whether or not that means the album succeeds outside of Ye’s vision remains to be seen.

The album also features a collaboration with Jay-Z that suggests there may be truth in the rumours of the duo reuniting for Watch the Throne 2. But for now, it’s all about Kanye West as he delivers another undulating piece of work.

See Kanye West’s performance of Donda below.