Kanye West claims he doesn’t wish harm on Jewish people
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Kanye West claims he doesn't wish harm on Jewish people

Rapper Kanye West has come under fire recently for a host of reasons. The two most glaring flashpoints came after his ‘White Lives Matter’ sloganeering at the recent Paris Fashion Week, which was promptly followed up by him expressing what has been taken as anti-Semitic sentiments.

After rap legend Diddy slammed West’s ‘White Lives Matter’ stunt, West shared screenshots of a text exchange between the pair on Instagram. In one of them, West wrote to Diddy: “I’m a use you as an example to show the Jewish people that told you to call me that no one can threaten or influence me.” West has now had his Instagram suspended. 

Now, as reported by TMZ, when West was leaving the screening of Conservative influencer Candace Owens’ new documentary on Wednesday, he was asked about his anti-semitic comments. 

The rapper allegedly said he doesn’t wish harm to Jewish people, despite a screenshot where he also said he was “going death con 3” on them. As also stated in the report, it seems that he has personal grievances against Jewish people in high places in Hollywood who he thinks have cheated Black entertainers. 

The publication said that West made it “clear” that his comments last week were intentional. Although he clearly seems to have problems with Jewish people who run entertainment companies, he never explained if he’s raising the issue because he thinks he was wronged because of their religion, which is where the problem still lies.

Despite West claiming that his comments were calculated, this is not likely to wash with many commentators. After he was criticised for anti-semitism and people attempted to defend him for his mental health issues, Friends star David Schwimmer did not excuse them

“Whether or not Kanye West is mentally ill, there’s no question he is a bigot,” the actor stated. “His hate speech calls for violence against Jews. If you interpret his words any other way and defend him, guess what? You are racist. If we don’t call someone as influential as Kanye out for his divisive, ignorant and anti-Semitic words then we are complicit. Silence is complicity.”