Kanye West absent from deposition in Kim Kardashian divorce trial
(Credit: Cosmopolitan UK)


Kanye West absent from deposition in Kim Kardashian divorce trial

Kanye West is constantly in the headlines at the moment and perhaps that is why he failed to find the time to attend a recent deposition hearing as part of his divorce proceedings from Kim Kardashian. 

According to reports, the rapper failed to show up for his scheduled hearing with Kardashian’s attorney to discuss the deposition proceedings. He will have a second opportunity to attend an agreed meeting on November 29th. 

If West misses the next meeting it would not bode well for him in the forthcoming trial which is slated to commence on December 14th. However, given his recent erratic behaviour, it is not out of the question that he will refuse to attend once more. 

So far, West has dismissed six separate attorney options, thus, it seems unlikely that an out-of-court settlement can be agreed upon. Reports have stated that he has been uncooperative throughout. 

Their divorce was legally confirmed in March after Kardashian filed for divorce back in February 2021. They have four children together which further complicates matters. 

Furthermore, while West has signed his financial documents in a “declaration of disclosure” agreement, his recent actions have sent his net worth tumbling which alters entitlements on both sides. 

Further news is expected as the trial commences.