Kamala Harris calls hip-hop the “ultimate American art form”
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Kamala Harris calls hip-hop the "ultimate American art form”

The USA’s current Vice President, Kamala Harris, has recently labelled hip-hop the ultimate American Art Form” while hosting a celebration of the genre’s 50th anniversary.

The presidency of Joe Biden has recently decided to embrace the African-American culture ahead of the 2024 election, and, as such, Kamala Harris presided over a star-studded event rap event at her official residence in Washington, DC.

The event entitled ’50 Years Of Hip-Hop’ saw a multitude of rap music legends grace the stage and saw performances from the likes of Lil Wayne, Common, and MC Lyte. Akin to many at the ‘HipHop50’ held at the Yankee stadium earlier this year, Harris paid tribute not only to the MCs but to the broader culture of hip-hop.

The Recording Academy’s Black Music Collective and Live Nation sponsored the gathering at Harris’ residence in Washington, DC. Furthermore, it has since been dubbed the “first-ever hip-hop house party at the Office of the Vice President of the United States.”

In a speech dedicated to rap music and culture, Harris proclaimed, “Hip-hop now shapes nearly every aspect of America’s popular culture, and it reflects the incredible diversity and ingenuity of the American people.”

She continued, “It combines rhythms from the continent of Africa, from the Caribbean, from Latin America, with the sounds of soul and gospel and R&B and funk to create something entirely new. It tells the stories that don’t make the news. But as the great Chuck D once said, rap is Black America’s CNN. And by telling the truth, hip-hop calls us to action.”

Harris concluded by declaring, “To be clear, hip-hop culture is America’s culture. It is the ultimate American art form!” Other artists in attendance at this presidential event included Fat Joe, Jeezy, Remy Ma, and Saba.