Julia Fox calls Kanye West relationship a “blessing”
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Julia Fox calls Kanye West relationship a "blessing"

During a recent appearance on the New York Times podcast, Popcast, Italian-American actress and model Julia Fox revealed what she learned from her brief relationship with rapper, producer and entrepreneur Kanye West.

During the podcast, Fox called her short relationship with Kanye West a “blessing” and revealed that he encouraged her to take more creative control back from her team. As a result, she unveiled that she has now become her “own muse”.

Speaking about her introduction to Ye, Fox told Popcast, “You know, it was actually a blessing that he came into my life” She unveiled, “He kind of shook up my team in a way where a lot of the creative control was then given back to me.”

She added, “I’d get into fights with my creative team about it and be really upset about it, but then ultimately always concede and just do what they wanted me to do because it was easier than arguing.”

The actress then proceeded to reveal that since her split with the controversial producer, she has taken advantage of the creative control she now has, stating, “When he left, it was like, ‘Well, I’m gonna do what I wanna do.’ I kind of felt like, ‘Oh my god, the world is my oyster.’ I’m my own muse.”

Fox has spoken about her relationship with Kanye West in other interviews, including one with the BBC, during which she admitted for a period, she ignored Ye’s shenanigans, admitting, “I chose to turn a blind eye because it was fun, and exciting, and shiny, and you know just new.”

She continued, “It felt like a relief in the beginning. ‘Oh, finally, someone else can take the reins,’ but I think you know it became unsustainable, and that’s why the relationship only lasted a month.”

Kanye West has since entered into a relationship with the Italian model Bianca Censori, who has been photographed with in a number of cities, including Milan, Los Angeles, and many others.