Judge declares YNW Melly murder case as a mistrial
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Judge declares YNW Melly murder case as a mistrial

Last week Florida rapper YNW Melly was at the mercy of a jury who began their deliberations concerning his murder charges. After a series of lengthy hearings the twelve-person jury was tasked with reaching a verdict. However, the judge has now declared a mistrial as the jury has still failed to make a unanimous decision.

In 2019, Demons was arrested and charged in February 2019 with first-degree murder following the killing of his collaborators, YNW Sakchaser and YNW Juvy, in 2018. Following his arrest, the artist remained in jail without probation. His co-defendant, Cortlen Henry, otherwise known as YNW Bortlen, was also arrested and charged.

After over a month of lengthy hearings and court proceedings, the Florida newspaper, The Miami Herald, has unveiled that since the beginnings of deliberations on Friday, the jury has been “unable to reach a unanimous decision.” As such, a mistrial has been announced.  

Demons could face the death penalty if found guilty. However, this is not certain. Considering the multiple charges against the rapper, the minimum sentence will be life. The prosecutors now have the opportunity to hold another trial within the next 90 days.

The judge presiding over the case (John J. Murphy III) thanked the jury for remaining patient stating, “We very much appreciate the fact that you gave us the time because we’ve been here a long time. We understand that. You gave us the time, and you did your best effort to [bring about resolution], but unfortunately, that wasn’t able to happen.”

The alleged murder committed by Demons occurred after a recording session outside a Florida studio. The victims were his supposed friends and collaborators. The evidence presented to the jury, and testimony from witnesses were limited.

Concerning the trial, prosecutors have the opportunity to revise their arguments and hold another trial within 90 days. Until the new hearing date, Demons will remain behind bars.