Joe Budden responds to “thief” accusations from Mal and Rory
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Joe Budden responds to “thief” accusations from Mal and Rory

Joe Budden has responded to the accusations of his former The Joe Budden Podcast co-host Mal that Budden had stolen money from him and Rory during the time that the podcast was running.

The allegations came to the fore when CyHi the Prynce was the guest on the New Rory and Mal podcast last week. Mal and Prynce opened a conversation discussing their individual relationships with Budden. Both Rory and Mal ended up being fired from Budden’s show.

Later in the conversation, CyHi noted a time that Budden said he could rap better than him. CyHi said, “You know what it is with me and you, bruh. Any day you feel like you can rap better than me, I put my offer on the table, and you rich enough to accept it, but you ain’t accepted it.”

Mal added, “Yeah, he stole enough. He stole enough; he got it.” Rory then said, “He can pay you with my money!” Budden then heard about these digs at him and responded on his podcast.

He said, “No matter how many new beginnings you start, and no matter how many of those new people you get around you, some of us know you. That would be me. So please stop spreading these lies. You’ve never had anything for me to steal from; that’s not the nature of this relationship. This is some sick role reversal shit going on, and I’m not mad at nobody else calling me a thief. But you can’t call me no fucking thief. No, I will not have it.”

“You’ve never pulled your own weight. The first never meant nothing to you. There’s never been like responsibility; you never got up and carried your own shit. There’s always been another n-gga around to help you do it, and you don’t speak to them n-ggas no more neither, so this is not Joe specifically. Stop putting smut on my name. I’m gonna start showing up for myself cause that’s my problem with the fucking internet.”