Joe Budden replies to Ebro’s attack on ungrateful rappers
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Joe Budden replies to Ebro's attack on ungrateful rappers

‘Pump It Up’ rapper Joe Budden has responded to HOT 97.0 radio personality Ebro Darden following a tweet he sent out claiming MCs should be thanking hip-hop as it celebrates its 50th anniversary.

The Ebro In The Morning host insinuated that many MCs are corrupted by money and have forgotten their roots. He further indicated that some artists who aren’t as successful as they may have wished are choosing to disacknowledge the culture as it didn’t produce the rewards they were expecting. 

Taking to Twitter, the radio host wrote, “Making all this $$$ because of hip-hop and artists can’t even post a ‘Thank You’…..” The Oakland native was referencing the recent HipHop50 event, which shed light on the origins of the culture and celebrated its evolution.

However, when the New Jersey artist caught wind of Darden’s slick tweet, he wasn’t too happy and posted a snide response in the comments section, writing, “Funny, I said this same thing about the labels lol.”

In a previous episode of the Joe Budden Show podcast, the opinionated lyricist firmly asserted that Darden, in conjunction with 50 Cent, killed New York hip-hop during the 2000s when Ebro was the programme director of HOT 97.0. The pair have also had other issues. 

In a different episode of his podcast, the former Slaughterhouse member also suggested that HOT 97.0’s annual Summer Jam event is no longer popular and requires “seat-fillers”. During the episode, he recalled a conversation he had with a steward who asked if he was a performer or one of the “seat fillers.”

Darden replied to the allegations by tweeting, “[Laughing face emojis] U think a concert that only makes $$ on sponsors would pay people to be in seats? Ya’ll a wild bunch!” Several HOT 97.0 DJs then attacked Budden, including Funk Flex and TT Torrez. You can see Ebro’s most recent attack on artists below.