Joe Budden picks out the rapper with hip-hop’s greatest run of releases
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Joe Budden picks out the rapper with hip-hop's greatest run of releases

In a debate with DJ Akademiks, New Jersey rapper Joe Budden, known for his intense passion, explained in great detail why 50 Cent undoubtedly had the best run in rap history.

In an appearance on the Complex YouTube series ‘Everyday Struggle’, which he used to co-host, Budden broke down why there is no emcee in the history of hip-hop that has had a more extraordinary run than 50 Cent (real name Curtis Jackson). Many familiar names popped up during the debate, including artists such as Eminem, Lil Wayne and Rick Ross.

An artist’s run comprises their rise to fame and the amount of time they can sustain it concerning record sales and public interest. During the debate, Budden highlighted how you might see an artist’s run in more detail depending on your regional proximity.

As a lyricist from Jersey putting out music in the early-2000s, Budden knew a lot about pre-fame 50 Cent and his music before he signed with Shady Records. In fact, Budden released his hit single ‘Pump It Up’ successfully despite Jackson’s dominance but knew his power nonetheless. 

From DJ Akademiks’ perspective, Lil Wayne seemed the obvious choice for the best run in hip-hop history. This is what many fans would say, considering his classic mixtape series Dedication alongside DJ Drama. Wayne released over 29 mixtapes and had unfathomable success with his following solo projects, such as Tha Carter III. However, Budden wasn’t convinced, considering many of Wayne’s mixtape tracks were over other rappers’ beats. 

Explaining his stance on Jackson, Budden unveiled, “50 Cent had the greatest run I’ve ever seen in my entire life, and that will probably remain the same that answer will never change for me. I’m very aware of all the people 50 Cent had beef with. He shouldn’t have beat any of it! They should have killed him.”

He continued, “They tried to kill 50 Cent for years. He should have died, he did not. He then had to deal with real-life street beef while being blackballed. He shouldn’t have beat that, he shouldn’t have beat both those things. Somehow he ends up signing with the biggest rapper in the universe, and before that, he was on the greatest mixtape run that I had ever witnessed, and I knew because I was tryna fight it and combat it!”

He then disclosed something shocking, stating, “50 Cent, as an unsigned act with no music, was getting $50,000 to perform Wanksta at clubs like Speed. It’s a legendary New York club he shouldn’t have been getting that type of ticket!”

50 Cent was undoubtedly a dominant force. However, there are a multitude of rappers that could snatch that top spot. You can watch Joe Budden and DJ Akademiks go head-to-to in the video below.