Joe Budden labels former co-hosts Rory and Mal as “bare minimum”
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Joe Budden labels former co-hosts Rory and Mal as “bare minimum”

Media personality and retired rapper Joe Budden has hit back at his former co-hosts Rory and Mal after they commented on him topping Complex’s ‘Hip Hop Media Power Ranking’.

After his achievement, the pair of radio hosts said he was a “thief” and “cat burglar” for creating financial issues which they claimed forced them to depart from Budden. In response, on the newest episode of his podcast, he labelled them as “bare minimum”, and while Budden directly responded to their comments, he never addressed them by name.

“To whom this may concern,” he began by saying. “This is not even on page one of the manual, ’cause you n-ggas ain’t in the bookstore. Instead of crtiquing people’s placement on this list, we need more crtiquing on why you’re not on it. To everyone not on it, shut the fuck up. There’s some steps that you n-ggas have missed.

“To whom it may concern, stop holding a microphone. I’m just giving out podcast advice. It’s certain n*****, y’all can’t speak to me, y’all didn’t do the work yet. You didn’t go to the bookstore,” Budden continued.

Budden added: “Hire the editors. Get people to help. Invest in the staff. Pay the staff. Get more staff. Stop check chasing. Stop doing the bare minimum and expecting that to yield results. You n-ggas are the bare minimum boys.”

Listen to the full podcast below.