Joe Budden disses Logic after tearful interview with his dad
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Joe Budden disses Logic after tearful interview with his dad

Former rapper turned podcast Joe Budden recently dissed the Maryland emcee Logic following an interview the College Park lyricist had with his father during which he cried. 

Joe Budden has criticised Logic on more than one occasion and has repeatedly expressed his disdain for the Vinyl Days rapper. Last year, on his podcast The Joe Budden Show, the ‘Pump It Up’ emcee addressed Logic (real name Robert Hall II), stating, “You are the worst, yo! You are really, really bad!”

During a recent segment of his show, Budden spoke about Hall’s interview with his father and slammed him in a lengthy tirade, exclaiming, “I feel sorry for him… I feel sorry for the people that feel they have to speak down on their parents ’cause they have resentments, and if you wanna do that, you don’t have to do that on camera for the sake of content.”

He continued, “I think Logic has a lot of that self-hate inside of him and it comes out in these weird ways. I wanted to smack Logic for talking to his dad like that. I see that shit and pray for him.”

Logic’s music often addresses his feelings about being biracial, but Budden has previously revealed how uncomfortable it is when Hall raps about how black he is and isn’t. Logic speaks about his race on every project, and Budden has concluded there is an element of self-hate.

Slamming Logic’s decision to bring his father out in public, Budden professed, “So now you think it’s comfortable for you to sit in front of your black father’s face and say, ‘N*gga.’ You think you got a lot of passes that I don’t believe you do have. That’s how a lot of his music comes off to me. My beef with Logic is his internal identity crisis that he has with himself.”

Logic spoke to his father about his addiction to crack and tearfully told him, There’s a part of me that has grown and developed mentally, but there is still that little boy that’s still waiting on the curb for his dad.”