Joe Budden disses “bozos” Travis Scott and Playboi Carti’s Grammy performance
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Joe Budden disses "bozos" Travis Scott and Playboi Carti's Grammy performance

Former rapper and successful podcaster Joe Budden recently unveiled that he was not a fan of Playboi Carti and Travis Scott’s Grammy performance and revealed that he didn’t like the optics of the set.

Many have been outspoken about the 66th Annual Grammy Awards, commenting on the winners, nominations and performances. However, during the most recent episode of his podcast, The Joe Budden Show, he expressed he did not enjoy Scott’s performance.

Commenting on the performance, Budden aggressively proclaimed, “What the fuck is Travis and his man doing up here? Hey, you two bozos! Get the fuck off the stage when n*ggas got beautiful women and tuxedos on, honestly. You up there smashing shit. You got the nerve.”

He continued, “All that shit look different when it ain’t a thousand little white kids jumping up and down. When there are grown people here, all that ‘FE!N, FE!N, FE!N,’ that’s what you wanted to win over Killer Mike? You’re fucking stupid!”

Although Budden praised Scott’s album UTOPIA last year, he insisted that it could never trump Killer Mike’s album Michael. The New Jersey emcee continued to chastise Scott, stating, “You bring your man out, Playboi Carti [and] the crowd just stays silent. Playboi Carti looked confused like, ‘Y’all don’t know who I am?’ No, n*gga! You got a fucking mask on.”

He concluded, “Who the fuck are you under there? You are not at SXSW anymore! We can’t recognize you bozos by the stocking mask you wearing. I hate these n*ggas, man, all of ’em! I love that song, I love that song, but not when tuxedos are out. Take that shit to the dirty Coachella grass, n*gga. N*ggas showered and lathered themselves tonight.”

You can hear Budden’s commentary on the performance below.