Joe Budden claims he gets his dirt on Drake from escorts
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Joe Budden claims he gets his dirt on Drake from escorts

Drake has poked fun at Joe Budden online for many years, and the podcaster hasn’t responded shyly. The pair have developed a passive-aggressive yet somewhat humorous relationship with each other. However, Budden has recently ramped up his abuse of Drake.

Last year, he accused Drake of “rapping for children”, and on his podcast, The Joe Budden Show, Budden unveiled that he gets a lot of his information about the rapper from escorts. During a conversation with his regular co-hosts alongside DJ Akademiks, the conversation turned to Drake, who recently leaked his diss track, ‘Push Ups (Drop & Give Me Fifty)’.

During the episode, DJ Akademiks accused Joe Budden of hating on Drake. The two have been at odds for years, and many believe that he is too harsh on the Views creator. However, as one of the most decorated hip-hop MCs, Budden has continued to be critical of him and his work.

During their conversation about Drizzy the aspect of maturity came up, and the hosts were discussing why it is that, aged 37, after 17 years in the game, Drake has still not settled down and continues to rap about women like he is a new-school emcee.

Akademiks insisted that Drake is struggling to settle down due to the lack of mature women in his social circle. However, Budden revealed that he has inside knowledge of Drake’s sex life from his conversations with escorts.

Speaking about his inside knowledge, Budden unveiled, “I think most of my Drake intel today comes from my love of escorts. I’m not trying to be funny. The escorts just always know. The escorts are ground-level to it all. The escorts are the CIA of the subway system.”

Last month, Budden alleged that Drake was being secretly paid to promote Sexyy Red, a highly sexualised 26-year-old emcee who only entered the hip-hop scene last year. Accusing the ‘God’s Plan’ artist of taking money to boost Red, Budden stated, “Respectfully, it sound like a n*gga that could rap at that level that gets paid off of everybody’s deal tryna rap. That’s what it sound like to me.”

Drake has been at the centre of a firestorm since he got dissed by Kendrick Lamar and he has not ceased being the focal point of hip-hop yet.