Jim Jones once revealed Dr Dre “punked” him in the studio
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Jim Jones once revealed Dr Dre "punked" him in the studio

Former Dipset rapper Jim Jones was a Harlem icon during the 2000s and, as part of The Diplomats, worked with the best producers in the industry, including Kanye West, Just Blaze and even the iconic West Coast beatmaker Dr Dre.

However, in an appearance on The Amazing AllHipHop podcast, the New York lyricist unveiled that, at times, he felt like the producer was punking him with his intense perfectionism. 

Opening up about their studio session, Jones stated, “That was a great night in Hip Hop, a great night for the Diplomats! I had a little studio on 28th street, and Dr. Dre was trying to recreate his new sound for his new album at the time, and we had that sound. He came to my studio. Me and Cam did like four records in there. Juelz came and did a record at the end.”

He continued, “We did about four or five records with Dr. Dre. I don’t know what he ever did with the records, and yeah, he did them directly to his hard drive so we had a copy of it to listen to and shit like that.”

Jones admitted that the records still need to be released. However, he stressed how much of a perfectionist Dr Dre was and how hard it was to get the tracks sounding exactly how he wanted them to.

The On My Way to Church unveiled that Dre sometimes made him rerecord his verse over a dozen times before he was happy. He admitted that after a while, it made him feel like the producer was “punking” him, stating, “It was the first time I ever had somebody really make me do my verse over like 20 times. The first time I got a piece of that, it had made me think about 2Pac and Snoop and all the others that had to get the beats from Dre.”

He continued, “Dre was punking n*ggas like, ‘Man, go back in there and spit that shit over, bro. You bugging the fuck out.’ Every time he told me, ‘Nah nah, do that over, man.’ [I was] like, ‘Bro you’re cursing at me. You don’t even know you’re cursing at me. You’re punking the shit outta me right now!'”

You can watch Jim Jones interview on The Amazing AllHipHop podcast below.