Jermaine Dupri reacts to J Cole’s flow on his latest verse
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Jermaine Dupri reacts to J Cole's flow on his latest verse

The renowned Atlanta singer Jermaine Dupri recently took to social media to express his view on the latest J Cole verse. The North Carolina emcee revered for his lyrical ability has freshly appeared on the latest Lil Durk release, ‘All My Life’, and it’s fair to say that the ‘Money Ain’t a Thang’ vocalist was more than impressed with Cole’s performance. Dupri was so stunned by Cole that he ended up on Twitter singing his praises. 

Referencing the emcee’s flow, Dupri wrote, “Yo!!! J Cole verse is so in the pocket on this All My Life, I can never listen to another offbeat rapper, bible!!!” This J Cole verse appeared on what has since become Lil Durk’s highest-charting single as a solo artist. ‘All My Life’ recently reached number two on the Billboard Hot 100. Cole’s verse didn’t just impress Dupri, though. It also impressed one of his harshest critics, the LA rapper 03 Greedo, who has previously denounced the lyricist as garbage. In an appearance on VLADTV in 2018, 03 Greedo disclosed, “I don’t like anything from J Cole,” and told him, “You’re really making bad music!” He continued, “That sh*t is lame!” However, this latest verse from the 2014 Forest Hills drive act has changed his opinion. 

Taking to Twitter, Greedo wrote a formal apology to Cole about his previous comments, writing, “Dear J Cole I was 103% inaccurate about you being [trash],” he wrote. “You kill every fuckin feature. So id like to take my 2018 statements back @JColeNC is top tier. I was just trying to express myself believing n*ggas with street images don’t get counted as lyricists.” The LA musician even went as far as to label him “top tier.”

Lil Durk has revealed that recording this compelling Dr Luke-produced track was a great experience, and according to the rapper himself, working with J Cole made him better. Speaking with the online music publication Complex at his single release party about how J Cole outdid him, Durk disclosed, “He smoked my ass on that one, for one. That barely happens. But shout out to J Cole, shout out to [Dr.] Luke, we made it happen.”

‘All My Life’ will appear on Durk’s upcoming project, Almost Healed. You can view Dupri’s tweet and listen to this latest collaboration in the video below.