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Jaydayoungan’s father claims his son was attacked by five gunmen

Jaydayoungan’s father has spoken out about the attack which took his son’s life last week and detailed that he believes the rapper was attacked by five gunmen. 

Jaydayoungan and his father were sitting together in the front yard of their family home in Bogalusa, Louisiana, when a black truck pulled up outside of the property in a planned ambush. 

The attack occurred last Wednesday evening (July 27th), and Jaydayoungan succumbed to his injuries at the scene, having been shot at least eight times. His father was also shot twice in the arms after firing back at the assailants. 

According to the father, Kenyatta Scott, the attack on the 24-year-old rapper was highly planned. He claims that when they tried to flee from the first three attackers and seek safety indoors, two further assailants emerged from the side of the property. 

However, despite the apparent gang nature of the crime, Scott has claimed that his son didn’t have any enemies, was not engaged in criminal activity, and was killed purely out of jealousy. 

Scott is currently recovering in hospital. In the meantime, the local police are continuing to investigate the crime while appealing for any witnesses or information.