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Jay-Z's unlikely favourite film of all time

Jay-Z is rightly regarded as royalty in the hip hop world. The iconic rapper was such an undeniable force for suave energy when he arrived in the mid-1990s that it is hard to imagine him as anything lower than an unrivalled king of the hip hop scene. It also helps that, by his side, he has Beyonce, AKA The Queen B overseeing his kingdom. But, that also comes with its issues.

As many have fallen victim to before, after becoming entangled with another person it is difficult not to take on some of their most valued personality traits or favourite things. It is likely why the below film has been cited as Jay-Z’s favourite movie.

The revelation came from Judd Apatow. The writer, comedian and director has had a hand in some of the finest comedies of the last few decades and revealed while on Conan that Jay-Z and Beyonce are massive fans of his work, including Knocked Up.

The revelation came when Apatow attended one of their tour stops and happened to pass by Hova. “Oh, my God, Knocked Up! “the rapper told Apatow. “That scene where your wife goes ‘Doorman, doorman, doorman!’ That’s my favourite scene of all time.”

Hova was so enthused about meeting the director, he even made Apatow wait for his wife to arrive as she would be “mad” to have missed him. We imagine it had Apatow dreaming of spending his time on luxury yachts with the Obamas, but his invite for the Hamptons hasn’t arrived yet.

The premise for Knocked Up isn’t quite what you’d expect the king of hip hop to be settling down to watch on an evening. The romantic comedy, starring Seth Rogen and Katherine Heigl is equal parts rom-com and stoner flick, making it an unlikely choice for Jay’s favourite.

Watch Judd Apatow confirm Jay-Z’s favourite film in the interview below: