Jay-Z, Eminem and more parodied in ‘A Hip Hop Story’ trailer
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Jay-Z, Eminem and more parodied in 'A Hip Hop Story' trailer

Several well-known rappers have been parodied in Affion Crockett’s new film A Hip Hop Story. MCs who have mimicked include Jay-Z, Kanye West, Eminem and more. The film is a musical comedy and stars Cedric The Entertainer, Lil Rel Howery and Lil Mama.

The movie stars Affion Crockett as the lead impersonator, focuses on hip-hop culture, and depicts the genre in a crisis, forcing the rap legends to team up and save the genre.

The trailer sees Crockett playing Kanye West in his unnerving face covering. Aside from Kanye, the movie sees other figures, including Snoop Dogg, Biggie, Diddy, Run-DMC, Russell Simmons, Salt-N-Pepa, Joe Budden and Chris Rock team up to save hip-hop.

Playing Russel Simmons, Crockett becomes the head of Def Man Recordings, a spoof of Def Jam, Simmons’ and Rick Rubin’s iconic record label. In a statement about the film, Crockett unveiled, “A Hip-Hop Story is our love letter to the culture that shaped our lives. It’s a comedy with a message that encourages all of us to see our value.”

The film’s producer, Charlie Mack, added, “A Hip-Hop Story is a wonderful journey over the span of 50 years through the eyes of one of the forefathers of hip-hop. The film explores where it came from and where the journey actually settles today.”

The musical comedy movie will hit theatres in the US on February 23rd. Crockett has previously impersonated Russell Simmons when he mocked the record executive’s love of yoga online.

Last year, the comedian posted a clip of Simmons practising yoga and performed a comedic voiceover of the Def Jam founder’s thoughts, stating, “This is so much fun, I’m bouncing upside down. I’m bouncing upside down. This little piggy went to the supermarket. I feel like an upside-down turtle. This is crazy. Oh, wait, starfish. Is my butthole supposed to itch? I can’t feel my balls. They lost gravity.”

He continued, “This is awesome. Is this massage vegan? What’s your name? Paul? Nice to meet you, white man who I don’t know.” You can watch the trailer for A Hip-Hop Story below.