Jam Master Jay’s kids speak out on rumours about his death
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Jam Master Jay's kids speak out on rumours about his death

Jam Master Jay’s 2002 death shook the culture. As the DJ of Run-DMC, one of hip-hop’s most iconic groups, no one expected the turntablist and producer to be the target of a homicide. However, just after the turn of the millennium, the DJ (real name Jason Mizell) was shot outside his basement studio in Queens.

For over a decade, the case was closed and considered unsolved. However, in 2022, the NYPD reopened the case after several individuals were charged with the murder of Mizell. However, following the news, journalists unearthed that the DJ may have been killed because of his involvement in drug trafficking.

This fall from grace raised questions about what Mizell and what he had been up to following the dissipation of Run-DMC in the late 1990s. As such, his children have now spoken out to clarify the situation and clear their father’s name.

During an appearance on CBS News, Maurice and TJ Mizell insisted that their father was a musician and was never involved in the selling of cocaine, and his death should not be interpreted in that way. 

Speaking out about the allegations about their father, Maurice and TJ proclaimed, “We strongly believe that [the narrative he was selling cocaine because he needed money] is false. We believe that obviously there was money involved, and whether that was his money or not, it’s not like he was selling drugs.”

Speaking about his willingness to give and his good-hearted nature, they continued, “Jam Master Jay was also known for buying cars for everyone on the block on Christmas. When Christmas came around, three people were getting a Toyota, y’know? And we have a big family, and we never longed for anything.”

Although the DJ’s sons have spoken out, an official NYPD investigation has concluded that the turntablist’s early demise was over a drug deal gone wrong concerning ten kilograms of cocaine.