Ja Rule responds to the idea he is responsible for Drake
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Ja Rule responds to the idea he is responsible for Drake

Rapper Ja Rule has recognised that his fusion of hip-hop with R&B has significantly impacted music today, with artists like Drake coming to the fore because of it.

In a recent chat with The Shade Room, Ja Rule reflected on his career, family life, and past beef with 50 Cent. At one point in the discussion, the host claimed that “Ja Rule walked, so Drake could run,” before asking the New Yorker if he agreed.

Whilst Rule noted his music’s impact, he maintained that all musicians “borrow from each other”. The Queens native explained that hip-hop ballads existed for a long time, noting Mary J. Blige’s ‘All I Need’ and LL Cool J and Method Man’s ‘I Need Love’, as two examples.

The former Murder Inc. man did say that what set it apart from others is that he made the style of music his own through consistency and not as a one-off as others did. 

He also credited himself with inventing the hip-hop duet and used one of his most famous releases as an example. “You didn’t really know who’s record it was,” he claimed. “Like when you listen to ‘I’m Real’ is that Ja Rule’s record or is it Jennifer’s record?”