Ja Rule admitted he lost his virginity at 12 years old
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Ja Rule admitted he lost his virginity at 12 years old

Ja Rule has been an exciting figure in hip-hop. He was a massive name in the 2000s and had several hits. From ‘Always On Time’ to ‘Mesmerize,’ the rapper was at the forefront of the hip-hop and R’n’B fusion genre that began to emerge at the turn of the millennium. However, after the rise of 50 Cent, the emcee’s relevance started to wane.

Following his career as a hip-hop artist, the Murder Inc. lyricist began entering into business. However, in 2017, he was the face of a scandal when he teamed up with Billy McFarland to host the infamous Fyre Festival, which, after being promoted as a luxury event, saw ticket-holders crammed into tents with low-quality food.

However, three years before the Fyre Festival, Ja Rule (real name Jeffrey Atkins) released his autobiography, Unruly: The Highs and Lows of Becoming a Man, which detailed his life in Queens as a child and how he rose to fame. However, it also included some pretty raunchy stories, one of which shocked some readers and disgusted many.

As the book focused on manhood, Atkins decided to write about the moment he lost his virginity and insisted it was a less than pleasant experience, but he also admitted that he was not even a teenager when it happened.

Following the release of the book, Ja Rule was approached by hip-hop media outlet TMZ at LAX airport in Los Angeles, where a journalist asked him to elaborate on the tale he told in his autobiography. 

Hesitantly speaking about it, when asked whether or not it was accurate, Atkins responded, “I think I was 12. It was very disgusting and nasty. It wasn’t the way you want your first time to go is what I can say about it. It was on a staircase. It wasn’t the best way you want your first time to go.”

The Queens rhymer even admitted it was in the staircase of a project building in public. As well as speaking about his first sexual experience, in the book, Atkins also revealed he sold drugs to his friends’ parents and disclosed how that began at a similar time, aged 12.