Ja Rule makes revelation about 50 Cent rivalry
(Credit: Wikimedia/Spotify)


Ja Rule makes revelation about 50 Cent rivalry

Ja Rule and 50 Cent have been rivals for decades. Now, Ja has suggested that the pair’s relationship isn’t as tense as everyone thinks. The Murder Inc. rapper recently sat down for an interview with The Shade Room, during which he was asked about his relationship with Fiddy.

In a teaser clip from the interview, Ja asks the interviewer: “If 50 Cent was to walk in here right now, what do you think would happen?” Her reply was: “Well, nothing, obviously.”

“Exactly!” Ja replied. “That’s what the [censored audio] I’m saying. We don’t have an issue. We don’t have a problem.” The interviewer also mentioned how 50 Cent reportedly shut down a potential Verzuz with Ja to avoid making the Murder Inc. rapper relevant again.

“Like, c’mon dog. I’m very relevant out here,” Ja said in response.. “I don’t have nothing to prove to anybody. I just, you know, I just want people to understand my side. My side of it is, I really don’t give a [censored audio].”

You can check out the teaser clip below.