Credit: LA Leakers


J. Cole shares new video for 'Punchin' The Clock

J. Cole has dropped a new video for his track ‘Punchin’ The Clock’, which sees him spit bars from the back of a cab.

The track features of Cole’s recent record The Fall Off, which was the rapper’s first release since 2018’s KOD.’ punchin.the.clock.’ is one of the stand-out tracks from Cole’s sixth studio album and even samples a post-game interview with Portland Trail Blazers NBA player Damian Lillard.

On the track, Cole raps: “Back on top, punchin’ the clock, clutchin’ sanity/ I got more cribs than Habitat for Humanity/ Shit profound, we propagating more profanity/ Paid off collections from recollections of calamity.”

The video for the track is minimalist, and it’s a world away from the cliched champagne spraying hip-hop video. Instead, we just follow Cole as he takes a yellow cab around New York.

Hip Hop Hero’s review of The Off Season said: “There isn’t much to dislike about the record. In fact, the only thing I can pick out that turns me off the LP is that it is too short, but, in truth, even that would be harsh criticism. The reality is that the album is 12 rounds of potent and pure unbridled artistry.

“Like watching Muhammad Ali dance his way across the ring, guiding himself around the vicious world in front of him, delivering bloody noses and fat lips at will and never truly settling in one place except greatness.”