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J. Cole admits he was "genuinely nervous" about feature on Bia's 'London'

J. Cole has admitted that he was “genuinely nervous” about recording his feature for Bia’s ‘London’.

It takes a lot to make a man of Cole’s stature “nervous”, but after first hearing Bia’s track and being overawed by its brilliance, the rapper knew that he needed to deliver. Unsurprisingly, Cole didn’t miss on the feature and added an abundance of quality to the track.

He took to Instagram to write: “She plays me this new song she had just did. Mannnnnnn [mind blown emojis] in that moment I was blown away,” he wrote, explaining that the song was stuck in his head for a month. “It was my favorite song and I only heard it one time.”

Cole added: “She hit me recently and sent me the song (she musta knew I wanted to hear it again!!!) and I was just grateful to have it in my possession,” he said.

“When the thought and conversation came up about me adding a verse, I was excited but genuinely nervous cuz I didn’t even see how the song could be better after what she did to it. I didn’t want to fuck nothing up! I’m grateful I Ended up catching the right wave.”

Bia was in the comments to show love for Cole and wrote: “mannnn thank you soo much it’s a HONOR fr!!! [GOAT emoji] We gang now & we love n appreciate u more than u kno.”

Listen to their collaboration below.