Inside the G-Unit v Gunplay feud
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Inside the G-Unit v Gunplay feud

Former G-Unit member 50 Cent is one of the most well-known hip-hop artists on the planet. Beyond his career as a rapper, he has enjoyed a fruitful career as a producer, filmmaker, and actor, making him a rapper turned media mogul. However, during his early days, 50 Cent was a bit of a hothead and had feuds with many artists. From Ja Rule to Fat Joe and others. One beef he had was with Miami rapper Gunplay.

Gunplay (real name Richard Morales) was a member of the Southern hip-hop group the Triple C’s that birthed Rick-Ross but didn’t reach the same heights as his former crewmate. However, in 2012, the lyricist landed himself in a fight with G-Unit at the BET Hip-Hop Awards.

The story has had many iterations placing figures such as Tony Yayo and Kidd Kidd at the scene, but Gunplay has insisted the collective’s security beat him up after a fight broke out backstage between his friend Rick Ross and Young Jeezy. 

In an interview with the New York Radio show The Breakfast Club, Morales recalled, “I was getting ready to go catch my ride, [but] police told me I couldn’t leave the trailers, and I turn around and I see the donkey with eight more donkeys,” he explained. “It was either me jump the barrier and run or stand, pull up my pants and knuckle it out with the donkey.”

He continued, “He walks up to me with about eight donkeys, he nodded to one of the donkeys, and one of the donkeys set it off, and we rumbled,” Gunplay continued. “I stood up in the paint, like a real G supposed to, with five bodyguards that’s trained to kill a human.”

Morales proceeded to reveal that his diamond-encrusted chain got stolen. He clarified he had never had a problem with 50 Cent prior to that but was no longer on good terms with the ‘In The Club’ emcee or any of his crew. 

Unfortunately, recently, the feud reignited when a DJ hosting Morales’ birthday at the Miami strip club G5 decided to play the 50 Cent song ‘I Smell Pussy’ upon his arrival in the club. Due to this track being played, Gunplay unleashed hell on the DJ, and a video of the debacle has now gone viral.

Fans are still trying to understand why Morales got so mad, considering the feud was tame and began over a decade ago. However, the song obviously triggered him. You can watch the video of morales berating the DJ below.