Ice-T shares footage of Dre thanking him for creating gangster rap
(Credit: S. Bollmann)


Ice-T shares footage of Dre thanking him for creating gangster rap

Ice-T often goes under the radar in the evolution of gangster rap, and now he’s shared footage of Dr. Dre, the N.W.A. impresario, discussing why he’s a pioneer of the genre.

Earlier this month, bizarrely, the rapper became a trending topic on Twitter after an opinion criticising his canon of songs caught fire, and suddenly, Ice-T’s hoard of fans came to his defence to tell this user why they were in the wrong.

“If you’ve played the game right, your fans will always hold you down when some clown ass tries to diss on the low,” he told HipHopDx about the incident. “I may not be in anybody’s Top five, but I’ve taken hip hop for a ride I hope others get to enjoy. Thanks to all that fuck with me.”

Ice-T shared a throwback clip of Dre talking about how he sparked the West Coast movement, which helped make groups like N.W.A. possible in the wider musical sphere, as the debate continues to roll on about his influence.

“Hip hop on the West Coast started in 1982, 83, something like that,” Dr. Dre says in the clip. “I guess gangsta rap started the same time ’cause those was the first records that really made it out here. Ice-T had a big influence on people out here because he actually started it, to me — Ice-T and Schoolly D, actually.

“Schoolly D had the record ‘PSK’ out at the time and Ice-T had ‘6 ‘N The Mornin’ and these were the only records we were playing because they were saying things we could relate to.”

Ice-T added, “People say I don’t get enough credit…But when @DrDre lays it down.. That’s ENOUGH for me.”