Ice Spice responds to Chance the Rapper’s diss track question
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Ice Spice responds to Chance the Rapper’s diss track question

Chance the Rapper had been concerned over a line in Ice Spice’s new song ‘In Ha Mood’ after it came to his attention following the bubble of popularity on social media. Over the weekend, Chance the Rapper asked Iced Spice via Instagram whether or not she had intended to diss him in the song.

‘In Ha Mood’ features the line, “He a rapper, but don’t got a chance,” which prompted Chance to wonder if it was aimed at him. “Is this a diss or a shoutout?” Chance asked on the social media platform. He also added a poll for his fans to help him decide whether the line in the song is indeed a “Diss” or a “Shoutout”.

Ice Spice found the Instagram Story and reposted it with the reply, “Never”, adding a crying/laughing emoji to show that she found it hilarious that Chance would think that Spice would diss him. Chance then reposted Spice’s story, saying, “Just double checking lol”.

While the lyric in question did look to perhaps mention Chance the Rapper, some have suggested that it had actually been written about Drake and his track ‘BackOutsideBoyz’, in which Drake sings, “She a 10 tryna rap, it’s good on mute.”

This prompted some fans to wonder whether Drake was calling out Ice Spice on the tune, but Spice herself revealed that he certainly wasn’t. Spice said on the Ebro in the Morning radio show last week, “He didn’t [diss me]. We spoke about it. He said that was not about me”.

In other Chance the Rapper news, he has responded to a backlash over his Ghana Festival lineup after it featured Dave Chappelle and Talib Kweli. The festival is to promote the freedom of celebration in the African country, with Chance saying, “I felt so free in Ghana… and I want others to feel the same way.” Read more on the backlash response here.