Ice Cube’s lavish introduction to Snoop Dogg
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Ice Cube's lavish introduction to Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg has always been a lovable character and has formed some strange relationships over the years, one of which is with the television host and cook Martha Stewart. In 2020, both Snoop and Stewart took over the Ellen Show and invited the legendary Crenshaw rapper and actor Ice Cube to join them.

Representing LA in his Lakers jacket and baseball cap, the former N.W.A. member (real name O’Shea Jackson) sat down with Martha and Snoop for their Potluck Dinner Party, during which they spoke about various topics, including the day he first met Snoop Dogg.

Recalling the day in 1993, Jackson recounted, “First time I met Snoop he was doing a release party for Doggystyle on a boat. [It was] some kind of yacht when he first started. I quickly said what’s up to Snoop, got off that yacht ’cause I knew it was gonna be lit before it left the dock. I’m like, ‘Man, I’m not gettin’ in the water with Death Row.”

He continued, “And so, it was cool. Showed a lot of love. He always show a lot of love. It’s nothing but love and respect. I’ve seen this man come a long way. I’m very proud of my man Snoop.”

He continued to speak about their frequent interactions, and when he was asked what his favourite Snoop moment was, he replied, “Ah man, we’ve got a million moments. It’s just going on tour with Snoop. I love touring with Snoop. He has a party backstage before he hits the stage.”

Ice Cube helped Snoop Dogg and guided him when the Doggfather musician decided to try his hand at acting, and the pair have collaborated many times and produced amazing music together, such as their 2006 track ‘LAX’. The two both have a very close bond with Dr Dre, and Snoop has previously highlighted how figures such as Ice Cube and Ice-T paved the way for West Coast musicians such as himself to shine.

You can watch the two in conversation in the video below.