Ice Cube thinks artists “wouldn’t know shit” without Run-DMC
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Ice Cube thinks artists "wouldn't know shit" without Run-DMC

Ice Cube is known primarily as the frontman of N.W.A and for being the legend behind the Barbershop movie series. Ice Cube, along with Ice-T, was a pioneer of gangsta rap and one of the founding fathers of hip hop in California. Throughout the late 1980s and 1990s, Ice Cube was the face of LA hip hop and made several hits. From ‘F*k Da Police’ to ‘Check Yo Self’, the LA rapper was unmatched in his city. 

However, the New York crew Run-DMC most definitely had an impact on the rapper (real name O’Shea Jackson), as he revealed in an interview with media outlet Amoeba. As well as paying homage to the crew, Cube also let it be known that this latest generation of artists “Wouldn’t Know Shit” if not for Run-DMC.

In the interview, we see Ice Cube pick out some records and items that are dear to him and his wife. As well as New Amerykah: Part Two, Baduizm, and an ‘I Love Lucy’ Lunch box, the rapper also picks out a Run-Dmc mug.

Elaborating on his choice and why Run-Dmc is so vital to him personally, the rapper stated, “I can’t have my coffee in the morning without the kings, Run-DMC. All y’all that think you know how to do this, y’all wouldn’t know sh*t without Run DMC”.

He continued declaring, “These are the kings! I’m sorry, everybody else, all the other ones that think they’re y’all kings ’cause you sold more records. Selling more records doesn’t make you better!” 

Run DMC had a seismic impact on hip hop culture when they first formed. Not only were they the first hip hop act to have a partnership deal with a major fashion brand, but they were also the first hip hop act to get a gold record, a platinum record and a multi-platinum record. Furthermore, they were the first hip hop act to have an album enter the top ten on the Billboard 200.

It is no surprise that even the legendary Ice Cube reveres them. You can watch the full interview in the video below.