Ice Cube blasts Warner Brothers for rejecting a new ‘Friday’ film
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Ice Cube blasts Warner Brothers for rejecting a new 'Friday' film

Ice Cube is a legend as well as a fantastic rapper, and as a former member of Compton crew N.W.A, the rapper (real name O’Shea Jackson) has done more than just music during his 30-year career. As well as music, Jackson entered the world of acting and even scriptwriting. However, some have been more successful than others. 

Along with the Barbershop movie franchise, Ice Cube is also known for the Friday films. Friday is the rapper’s stoner comedy franchise, but while being interviewed on the Drink Champs podcast, hosted by rapper N.O.R.E and DJ EFN, the rapper revealed that not just one but two scripts for a fourth film were shutdown and rejected by Warner Bros.

During the podcast, Jackson criticised Warner for not believing in African-American, hip-hop-orientated films as he exclaimed: “I’m trying to get it out of Warner Brothers, they don’t believe in the culture man!” The rapper continued, revealing that the production studio retains distribution rights for any sequel of the Friday franchise to be released. Stuck in a contract with the company, Jackson unveiled, “I had two scripts. I wrote one; it was sh*t. They was like, ‘Yo, we don’t want Craig and Day-Day in jail.” 

He continued, “Then after they rejected it, they had all these f*cking movies about going to jail: Orange Is The New Black…Get Hard. So then I wrote another script, and this script was about the youngsters in the hood having beef with OG’s in the hood and Craig has to come back and squash that because Smokey’s son is the new Deebo, and he’s wylin!”

He revealed that Warner Brothers then asked to touch up the script, stating, “They tripped on it man, they f*cked around, and the John Witherspoon passed. Then Deebo passed…they just f*cked it up”. Jackson expressed extreme frustration with the company, believing the film would have been highly successful.

You can watch a snippet of the Drink Champs interview below.