Ice Cube reveals the biggest regret of his career
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Ice Cube reveals the biggest regret of his career

N.W.A legend, Ice Cube, is one of the only rappers in history that has dominated both hip-hop and Hollywood simultaneously. Since the 1990s, the rapper (real name O’Shea Jackson) has taken on many iconic roles and appeared in a plethora of films, including Boyz N the HoodFriday, Ride Along and more. 

However, after proving that he was a fantastic actor, Jackson saw the demand for his acting increase, and with so many offers for roles, naturally, he was forced to decline a number of jobs. When reflecting on his career to date, there was one role in particular that he really regrets passing on. 

Speaking to the On The Guest List podcast, the rapper discussed his career in acting and looked back fondly on his various filming experiences. From Friday alongside his good friend Chris Tucker to Are We There Yet? with Nia Long, the rapper seemed content with his choice of roles but explained the tribulations he had at the start of his career with regard to being typecast. 

This initial fear of being typecast led to one of his biggest career regrets. When asked if there are any roles he regrets passing on, the rapper and actor replied, “I would say Menace II Society“. Explaining his decision to the podcast hosts, band Foxtrot & The Get Down, Jackson detailed how he had a paranoia he would typecast as the “L.A. gangbanger” because of his past in N.W.A.

Displaying his regret, the rapper declared: “I had a shot to do O-Dog, even though I think Larenz Tate killed it. I just didn’t wanna be typecast, you know what I mean? I was like, ‘I just did Boyz N the Hood, and they just gonna have me be the L.A. gangbanger,’ you know what I mean? Every damn movie and [Menace] was like the second movie I got offered, so I was like, ‘Nah, I don’t wanna play that.’ That was one movie that when I saw it I was like, ‘Ooh, that role is cold.’”

Although looking back on Menace II Society in hindsight is painful for Jackson, part of him seemed happy that his decline was, in fact, part and parcel to the rise of Larenz Tate as an actor who is now an esteemed actor, most known for his role as O-Dog in Menace II Society.

Regardless of Ice Cube’s filmography and the roles he played, he will always be respected as one of the few rappers who successfully thrived in both the music and film industries simultaneously. You can see the trailer for Menace II Society in the video below to see whether it was the right choice.