Ice Cube said he wanted to avoid common Black character trope in ‘Anaconda’
(Credit: Paramount)


Ice Cube said he wanted to avoid common Black character trope in 'Anaconda'

Ice Cube has explained the one condition he asked to be met before accepting a role in Anaconda.

The film recently celebrated its 25th anniversary, and Ice was in a reflective mood. He was initially worried about appearing in the project because he felt his character would be killed off in the early scenes, and the rapper has now revealed that he made sure that wouldn’t happen to him.

Although Anaconda did well with the punters who went out in their droves to see it, critics were less than impressed with the project. Ice Cube managed to escape criticism which was instead pointed towards Jon Voight, who won a Stinkers Bad Movie Award for Worst Supporting Actor and Worst Fake Accent.

Despite the bad reviews, Anaconda took home a staggering $136.8 million and had many sequels, but Ice Cube never starred in any.

“When they asked me to do Anaconda, I said I’d do it only if my character lived and help kill the snake,” Cube tweeted on Monday. “Before then, most Black people in these type of movies are dead within the first 15 minutes.”

Meanwhile, last year, Ice Cube had dropped out of the upcoming comedy Oh Hell No after refusing a Covid-19 vaccination.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the 52-year-old actor exited the project after producers stated that the full cast would need to be vaccinated. In walking away from the project, Ice Cube turned down a $9million payout.