The huge fee Andre 3000 charged Kesha for a verse
(Credit: Shankbone)


The huge fee Andre 3000 charged Kesha for a verse

Outkast’s Andre 3000 is reported to have charged Kesha an outrageous amount for a verse on ‘Sleazy’, according to record producer and rapper Bangladesh, who also claimed that Andre even considered not wanting to go ahead with the track even after receiving $100,000 for his services.

“Ain’t too many n-ggas can say they got a 3000 verse on their beat,” Bangladesh said in an interview with B High ATL. “He just a discreet n-gga, exclusive ass n-gga, but man 3000 one of my favorite rappers. Outkast alone my favorite group of all time, Fugees, Outkast, shit like that. And for it to be a white girl that got Bangladesh and André 3000 on her shit? That was dope.”

He continued, “I was locked in with Dr. Luke…Dr. Luke took a liking to me, fucked with me, think I’m brilliant. Gave me the opportunity, cause Kesha requested me. I went out there, I made the beat right in front of them. I made the beat right in the studio…and they got 3000 on it. She wanted 3000, she wanted Bangladesh and it came about.”

Bangladesh went on to explain how Andre 3000 was reluctant about releasing the song. He added, “Dr. Luke told me a story about the process of getting 3 stacks on the beat. N-gga charged him a football field, that n-gga charged him $100,000 for the verse, but still didn’t know if he wanted to do it. So it ain’t even about money. He just wanna know if he could say something that’s real to him on this type of shit. So he just kept giving him the runaround…then he sent it to him last minute.”