‘How To Rob’: the song that almost got 50 Cent killed
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'How To Rob': the song that almost got 50 Cent killed

50 Cent is known for ruffling feathers, and when he first came on the scene, aside from DMX, he was one of the most aggressive, vicious MCs. Before he signed with Shady Records in 2002, 50 Cent had some records out, one of which led to grave consequences.

In 1999, Columbia Records was set to release 50 Cent’s debut EP, Power Of The Dollar. However, the project’s lead single was somewhat controversial. Entitled ‘How To Rob’, the iconic track mentioned a slew of artists. With lines such as “I’d rob ODB, but that’d be a waste of time” and “I’m ’bout to stick Slick Rick for all that old school shit,” it was a highly provocative song that put the Queens emcee on the map.

Although Columbia eventually shelved 50 Cent’s (real name Curtis Jackson) debut project, the lyricist saw how many sales it generated. After this, Jackson became so confident and brazen that he disrespected Ja Rule (real name Jeffrey Atkins).

Following the release of ‘How To Rob,’ in 2000, 50 Cent was shot nine times outside his grandmother’s house by what he has previously described as a “low-level” drug dealer. Bullets entered his body via his hand, arm, hip, legs, chest, and face, resulting in a permanently partially visible hole in his cheek. Following the near-fatal incident, Jackson was hospitalised. As a result, the ‘Candy Shop’ lyricist also had to undergo surgery to remove bullet fragments in his jaw.

The ‘In Da Club’ emcee never identified the drug dealer as an affiliate of Ja Rule. However, shortly after the shooting, Atkins was robbed in Queens. According to the ‘Caught Up’ musician, Jackson had ordered his associates to mug and pistol-whip him.

The beef between Ja Rule and 50 Cent continued well into the 2000s, with the two going back and forth, leading to a broader war between Jackson’s G-Unit crew and Atkins’ Murder Inc.

Ja Rule and 50 Cent have settled their beef. However, within two years of signing with Eminem, 50 Cent had surpassed Ja in every way. You can listen to ‘How To rob’ in the video below.