How J Cole helped a financially desperate fan
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How J Cole helped a financially desperate fan

J Cole is a master lyricist and, as one of the best wordsmiths in hip-hop at the moment, he is a well-respected artist and has been recognised for his incredible material. His 2014 album, 2014 Forest Hills Drive, was a critically acclaimed body of work, and he has collaborated with some of the best artists in the industry. However, he is also a great human being. 

The Fayetteville emcee proved this last year when a superfan revealed that Cole did him a huge favour. Taking to social media, the fan unveiled that his debit card declined after work while he was trying to buy some food. However, Cole happened to be in the same place at the same time and stepped in to pay for his order in Los Angeles.

Following Cole’s incredible kindness, the fan took a selfie with the rapper and captioned the photo, “So I went to get some food after work, my card declined. Next thing I know, J Cole pays for it. Wooooow!” Responding to the photo, one user wrote, “He’s so real! And he’s one of the best rappers to ever touch the mic.”

However, this isn’t the only grand gesture Cole has performed for his fans. In 2013, one avid listener wrote the K.O.D artist a letter asking him if he would attend her high school graduation.

Speaking to Complex, the follower explained, “In the letter, it says all I went through. With being adopted, my parents being hooked on drugs, in and out of prison. At the time, both parents were in prison, so I asked him could he come to my graduation since they can’t.”

Fortunately for the young lady, he came, for which she was grateful, adding, “That man has done so much for me. He planned his tour around my day. I could never thank him enough. He’s God’s gift. Every night, I prayed for this day, and it really came. I did it. He told us all his struggles through music, and I seen how far he made it. Now it’s my turn. I gotta keep making Cole proud.”

While the fan took a selfie with J Cole, the emcee held up his phone, showing him streaming Drake’s album Honestly, Nevermind on Apple Music.

You can hear more about J Cole’s gesture in the video below.