How Cardi B found out she is related to GloRilla
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How Cardi B found out she is related to GloRilla

Since the release of her debut single ‘Bodak Yellow in 2017’ Cardi B has been an unstoppable force in hip-hop. However, her success in the realm of rap shifted the landscape of the genre an unfathomable amount. Alongside artists such as Megan Thee Stallion and Ice Spice, she has drawn attention away from Nicki Minaj, and she is now forging her own lane. 

However, another female rapper has become part of the new wave that Cardi noticed early on. GloRilla. Almanzar appeared on the remix of GloRilla’s track ‘Tomorrow’ and ever since, the two have become great friends. But, strangely, in a recent interview on the LA radio show The Neighbourhood with Big Boy, Cardi unveiled that she is a blood relative of GloRilla (real name Gloria Woods)

Speaking to the Oakland native, Cardi gave him the facts and provided a backstory concerning her and GloRilla’s family ties. Opening up about it, Almanzar stated, “That’s my cousin! A lot of people don’t know this. My grandfather, he used to — I don’t like to put my family business out there — push weight or whatever. He lived in Tennessee.”

She continued, “He didn’t really told my grandma that he was dealing with somebody over there. He had a kid out there, and that’s GloRilla’s dad. So that’s what make us related.”

The ‘WAP’ rapper even unveiled that she had a weird feeling when she first met Woods as she felt they were too similar. Cardi recognised little things in GloRilla that reflected her personality, which prompted her to dig deeper into her background. 

Detailing this, Cardi told Big Boy, “I asked her, ‘You just feel like we’re too much alike? You get my jokes and everything.’ She’s just like, ‘Yeah. There’s something funny. Something really weird.’ So we just [started asking].”

What’s even more surprising is that Cardi B isn’t the only famous emcee GloRilla is related to. The 24-year-old recently revealed she’s also related to Lil Uzi Vert. During an appearance on the Past Your Bedtime podcast with Fannita Leggett, Woods asserted, “That’s my cousin! Yeah, that’s my real cousin!”

You can hear Cardi B talking about her family connection to Woods in the video below.