(Credit: Frank Schwichtenberg)


Houston attorney files over 1,500 cases on behalf of Astroworld victims

The number of files brought up concerning last month’s devastating Astroworld event continues to rise, with one attorney alone filing more than 1,500 cases.

The attorney in question is Brent Coon & Associates, who filed his cases with the Harris County District Court. Coon has combined the files, which allows them to be dealt with simultaneously in the same courtroom.

In total, Coon seeks a total of $10billion to resolve all 1,547 cases, although he has refrained from naming precisely who is being sued. However, judging from other similar lawsuits, it will likely be Travis Scott, Live Nation, and NRG Energy.

“In addition to litigating high profile mass tragedies all over the county the last 35 years,” Coon said in a statement, “I also have run a concert promotion company for over 20 years and am very familiar with how you are supposed to plan these events. What happened at Astroworld was an unconscionable tragedy, and it is important that justice is served for all those impacted.”

Coon is also allegedly “demanding legislative action to include crowd control planning specialists to certify events, mandated training programs for event preparation and criminal liability for any wrongdoing”.

“We will roll over every rock in this matter,” Coon further said in his statement. “Everyone associated with these types of events has the power to halt conduct that is resulting in injury to attendees.”

More as this story continues to develop.