Hit-Boy complains about producers’ “measly fee”
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Hit-Boy complains about producers’ “measly fee”

Los Angeles producer Hit-Boy has recently come out to address the low fees that beatmakers are getting for their beats compared to the millions they make for the artists.

A recent appearance on the Back On Figg show Hit-Boy (real name Chauncey Hollis Jr) highlighted the discrepancies in pay between MCs and producers despite the fact that they both contribute equally to the song. Furthermore, he pointed out how producers have to beg for fair pay while artists cash in on performances.

Speaking to hosts T-Rell and Smacc Country, Hollis explained, “Producers get played, bro. I know other producers that’s poppin’ that’s complaining about albums that dropped months ago that none of us got paid off of.”

He continued, “These n*ggas is out here touring, and we out here trying to beg the label to pay us a measly, bullshit-ass fee. And these n*ggas is using the songs muthafuckas is producing and getting millions of dollars a night to perform when n*ggas gotta be in here scratching to survive.”

Hollis stated that in contemporary hip-hop, too much attention is focused on the MCs in comparison to the golden era when figures such as Dr Dre and DJ Premier were respected, stating, “A lot of muthafuckas act like they cool bro. I done gave n*ggas real hits that I can’t even get a hold of like that. That shit weird to me, personally.”

Hit-Boy also gave Metro Boomin props for releasing a compilation of his own beats featuring various artists, stating, “It’s dope what Metro Boomin just did with his album and having the right artists on there and doing real numbers. That’s a good push for producers. I’m in full support of that.”

Hit-Boy has been lauded recently for helping Queensbridge legend Nas make a comeback with his King’s Disease and Magic album series. One which earned a Grammy.